Share Your Story Saturday ~ Ms Josephine

Josephine, one of the faces of the Pole Body Fusion team, co-founder and instructor

Name: Josephine Hover, AKA, Ms Josephine
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado
Poling: 4.5 years, since 2012

Ms Josephine happens to be a pole idol of mine and I’m so excited to share her story with you!

Josephine began her pole journey after seeing a video starring Jenyne Butterfly and just had to try it for herself. She found a little studio in Fort Collins, booked her first class and “never looked back.”

Being at a momentary standstill after receiving a graduate degree from CSU, Ms Josephine wanted to expand her workout routine to shake things up a bit. “I was looking for something new that challenged me mentally as well as physically, and then I found Pole.”

Josephine also loves practicing yoga, riding her bicycle and snowboarding all over Colorado. “I’ve always been physically active, but pole is what got me in the best shape of my life.”

One of Josephine’s favorite pole moves is the Allegra

Josephine believes in the transformational power of pole. “It wasn’t until I found pole that I started to see my body transform. I was noticeably stronger, leaner, more flexible and coordinated.” Not only has pole enhanced her body physically but she has seen growth mentally and emotionally as well. “I discovered a new, sexier, confident side of myself that I wasn’t sure existed and had to share it with the world.”

Boulder Spirals Workshops – 2016

Fun Fact: Josephine has been to Summer Pole Camp in St Martin twice, most recently in 2015 training with Heidi Coker. Josephine is inspired by Heidi’s strong, sexy style, and trains with her every opportunity she can.

One of Josephine’s Pole aspirations is to compete and with Natalia as her coach, Josephine placed 2nd in her first competition – the Aspirant this past October.

Check out her full routine here – can you spot her favorite move?


And now she is sharing her love of pole with Pole Body Fusion, teaching home polers through online video tutorials, with her pole sister Natalia of course! Josephine loves “to teach, inspire and share the power of pole” and Pole Body Fusion “provides the perfect avenue to do that.”

Milan Summer Pole Camp – 2015

Connect with Josephine: @MsJosephineCO


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Josephine & Natalia started Pole Body Fusion to spread their love of pole with the world. After falling in love with pole, and seeing the amazing benefits of pole fitness, they wanted to share that with as many people as they could. We stand for health, fitness, fun, and community and are here to build the best online pole community in the world. Spread your love of pole with the world!

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