Share Your Story Saturday: Claire Christian

Name: Claire Christian
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Discovered pole: 2014

I first started pole fitness in 2014 with a couple of my old roommates at a studio in Fort Collins. We heard from some people that it’s a fun workout, so we figured why not give it a try! After my first class, I knew I was hooked and I’ve been poling ever since.

Throughout my time poling, I’ve supplemented pole with other workouts. I love to kickbox and I recently rediscovered my passion for rock climbing. I have always been very active and pole is one of my favorite outlets to be creative and active in my life.

Fun Fact: My favorite pole move is floating butterfly—check it out!

My experience with pole dancing has been nothing short of amazing. Once I discovered the sport, I haven’t been able to stay away. Not only has pole given me a great amount of strength and flexibility but it has also significantly increased my confidence and self esteem.

The pole community is one of my favorite parts of pole—it feels good to just be around the studio. I have met so many wonderful women who encourage growth, love, and support. The instructors continue to help me in my pole journey and my pole ‘sisters’ inspire me to continue growing.

Pole has given me the opportunity to perform multiple times, which has pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best possible ways. I learned that I have a love for the spotlight and performing!

Fun Fact: Time to gush about pole crushes! I love Michelle Shimmey and Maddie Sparkles, the dynamic sister duo from Australia! I was fortunate enough to take a workshop from them when they were in Colorado for Pole Theater. Maddie Sparkles taught us an awesome variation off of brass monkey.

My pole journey has taken me a long way and I hope to continue to advance and be involved with the community as much as possible. My current goal in my pole journey is to get certified and become and instructor.

I love teaching others and seeing people progress so I would be ecstatic to transition that into the pole world. I would also love to compete at some point soon!


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