We’re all about pole, yoga, chair, acro and well, anything that challenges and strengthens your mind, body and soul!

Pole is initially what brought us all together and through our experiences in studios, as students and instructors, as well as at pole camps, expos and conventions, we’ve met hundreds of women and men who have also discovered the transformational power of pole.

While everyone’s Pole Journey is unique in its own way, most polers we meet are admittedly in the best shape of their lives, or well on their way to being there, and have developed more confidence & self esteem because of it! (us included!)

Pole leaves you feeling sexy. Feeling confident. Feeling powerful.
Pole pushes you, challenges you and makes working out fun.
Through pole you’ll learn to believe in yourself & the power of your body.
That’s why we love it & that’s why we Pole.

At Pole Body Fusion, our mission is to provide quality tools & information to guide you along your Pole Journey. We aspire to take your mindbody connection to a whole new level where you’ll be able to reach a confident and empowered state in your life. We live to guide you with passionate fun towards achieving transformational freedom.

Join us and discover for yourself the transformational power of pole fitness & aerial dance!




I’ve always been an active person snowboarding, road biking, playing volleyball etc... but it wasn’t until I found Pole that I had access to a level of fitness I’d only dreamed of...



Pole dancing has changed my life and everyday I see lives transforming around me through the art of pole dancing. After all, the only way to go is up that pole!

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